What is Headway?

Headway Education was established to find the very best educational resources in the market and bring them to as many children in the UK as possible. We find passionate people and organisations who have developed first-class educational programmes that engage, empower and inspire both teachers and pupils.

The individual child at heart

Keeping to the National Curriculum, our programmes use the latest technology to keep young people engaged in what you teach. They empower children at every level and from all backgrounds to think for themselves, inspiring them to achieve more and become the best version of themselves. We believe that education goes beyond academic achievement and we strive to work with educational programmes with an emphasis on social-emotional learning, physical activity and health, creativity and active citizenship. In short, competencies required for successful adulthood.

Here to support teachers

We do the hard-lifting for you. Each Headway programme must provide a full bank of resources meaning you can rely on us to do the planning of a lesson for you. This leaves you with the time and flexibility to deliver it in your own style and really focus on what is important – the children.

Progress is not a tick box exercise

We truly value the progression of the individual child. Therefore, all Headway programmes include assessment for learning – assessment used to determine what students already know and what they need to learn and how you can best support them. The interactive nature of our programmes allows teachers to monitor the progress. Various ways to evidence the progress of students are part of the package.